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Changes To Face Masks Rules & Return To Work For Some Office Workers

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New announcements were made yesterday in regards to some Victorian workers returning to the office and mask wearing.

Seems (as of yesterday) Victoria has 8 straight days in a row of no new local cases of Coronavirus.

This prompted our health gurus to make some changes.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced that from 11.59pm this Sunday (January 17):

Face masks will no longer be mandatory in all public indoor settings, seems we are reverting back to the mask rules that were in place at Christmas time.

You MUST wear your mask: 

  • on public transport
  • when riding in a ride share or taxi
  • inside shopping centres, including the retail stores inside shopping centres, such as clothing stores
  • inside indoor markets
  • in large retail stores (over 2000 sqm), such as department stores, electronics stores, furniture stores, hardware stores or supermarkets
  • on domestic flights to and from Victoria
  • at airports
  • in hospitals.

Make sure you have that mask with you no matter where you go (unless you have a lawful reason not to wear one) and try to still keep 1.5 metres distance from others.


And when it comes to workers returning to the office, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that from Monday (January 18): 

Up to 50% of office workers who are not in the public service will be able to return to on-site work.

Up to 25% of public service workers can do that same.

Offices with fewer than 40 staff can have 20 staff on-site subject to density quotients.

For more on the rules, click HERE  


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