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Apparently We Say NO Wrong!

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Did you know that us Aussies are made fun of when it comes to how we say the word NO? I did not know this until today. 

And I can thank Tiffany Krylov for today's lesson.

She says that Australians say no in an unusual way and that we have given it “two syllables”.

Tiffany made a video about the whole thing, put it on TikTok, and you guessed it, went viral!


Tutorial to sound like an Aussie 😎 ##aussie ##australia ##pronunciations

♬ original sound - Tiffany Krylov

Some of the comments from others included:

  • "Wait what? How do other places say no?"
  • Yeah nah, I can't hear anything wrong." 
  • "When I was in the US, they said I say it like 'NO-R." 
  • "My American friend pointed out that in sentences we articulate 'know' and 'no' differently." 
  • "It's 'yeah nah' or nothing." 

I want to know, how else are we meant to say it?


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