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Get On The Beers With Dan Andrews

I have an event for you and you don't even have to leave your home to enjoy it.

We all know the phrase Get On The Beers, coined by Daniel Andrews from a press conference back in March 2020.

Then the phrase found its way to Mashd N Kutcher's hands and they whacked it into a remix or two.  

 I still don't get why Trump made it  into the remix, but oh well, moving right along.

Let's talk about the event that's coming up.

It's called Get On The Beers with Daniel Andrews and it will be held on Saturday January 23.

It starts at 10am.

It's a Facebook event, so you can stay Covid safe, you only have to mingle with like-minded beer people online.

And it will go for 6 hrs & 59 mins.

Not sure if our very own Premier Daniel Andrews is actually attending this online event (but does that really matter?)

I don't even know who organised it, but it looks like fun.

If you are interested or going, click HERE to go to the Facebook event page and let whoever it is know by pressing either Interested or Going tabs.

Also please remember to drink responsibly