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Woman's Video About Flashing Headlights To Warn Others About Police Starts A Debate

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A woman from Victoria has started an online debate and it's all about flashing your headlights to warn drivers of coppers nearby. 

Kassidy Collins shared her video to Tik Tok (of cars flashing their headlights in her direction) to see what others thought about whether flashing headlights to warn drivers is a world wide thing.


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Next minute, the debate was raging online with comments for both sides:

  • In Australia we do it for cops and unmarked speeding cameras
  • Respect to anyone who flashes
  • We do the same in the UK but as far as I know, it's pretty universal
  • I live in Australia and I would never flash someone. Too bad if you are caught speeding, don't speed in the first place
  • Good way to let other drives know how to kill innocent people! Let them learn the rules on the road


Just so you know: although there is no set rule in Victoria against flashing fellow drivers for the purpose of alerting them to speed cameras or police presence, it is an offence for a driver to use the vehicle's headlights on high-beam if the driver is driving within 200 metres of an oncoming vehicle. It is also an offence to use your car lights to, or in a way that is likely to, dazzle other road users. You can read more about those rules HERE

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay