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A Fight Over A Dead Fish!

Usually when you go fishing, it's for peace, serenity, the thrill of catching a fish, not to be attack by someone right? Well one fisherman experience the wrath of a woman recently and it's all on Youtube.

A woman from Birchgrove (an elite suburb in Sydney) has been caught on video threatening a fisherman at Balmain Rowing Club. 

The fisherman in trouble, goes by the social media name of Shroom, was happily going about his business.

He caught a fish, took a photo, then threw it back in to the water, but sadly it died straight after.

He even wrote online, quote: "Despite my best efforts to release a fish that I caught it ended up floating later."

That's when the woman walks up to Shroom and starts accusing him of killing the fish and that she will call the police

The encounter has ended up on YouTube and many praised Shroom for his calm response to the confronting situation:

  • You handled that well mate. Some people just don’t have a clue 
  • Onya shroom, handled it well. Such a gentleman. I wouldve gone ghetto and asked her who she thought she was
  • Some people just don’t get it mate. Handled well – be polite, let them call police or whatever. You knew you were in the right so may as well keep fishing
  • "Can I see your license?" Where was this? Because that is the strangest uniform for a game warden I've ever seen...
  • Don’t understand what she’s trying to achieve … She’s gonna call the police & say ‘old mate was fishing & he released the fish but it died?!’ Cops will laugh at her
  • She was saltier than the fish you just released. And gutted she could not ask to speak to your manager

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