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Shoot The Breeze

Alex Tselios

It's time to Shoot the Breeze with Alex on 3BA.

Todays' topics that Geordi and Alex spoke about were:

- Why some scientists are saying snorting chicken antibodies could help stop this pandemic.  
Personally I think I would rather eat chicken than snort it:


- Why a town in Japan has installed robot wolves who give off blood-curling howls as a way to prevent bear attacks .
When I think of robots and wolves, I picture this: 


- Imagine a glove that could let you touch objects in a virtual world. Scientists have made it, and it could be under your Christmas tree in the next few years.

Do you think we'll look as cool as The Weeknd putting this "new" glove on?


Or more like this?


Hear the full chat below: 

See what else Alex is up to at thebigsmoke.com.au

Photo supplied by Alex Tselios