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You May Have A Rare $1 Coin In Your Possession And Not Even Know It


Grab every $1 coin in your possession because you could have a couple that's worth a mint!

A mother from Melbourne posted onto the Facebook group Melbourne with Kidz after she discovered a “mule” dollar coin in her collection.

We found the famous MULE Dollar. 🙌 What's a Mule dollar? It's a small number of the year 2000 $1 dollar coins that...

Posted by Melbourne with Kidz on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mule dollars were made in the year 2000 and are a little thicker than a regular $1 coin.

They also have a double rim around the Queen’s head.

After looking into these coins, the mum discovered that twenty years ago, they were produced following a technical error by the Australian Mint in Canberra.

There are only 6000 of these coins and some have been placed on eBay at a value ranging from $700 to $5000.

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$1 coin picture supplied by Geordi (and as you can see, it's not a mule coin, just a stock standard one from 2016)