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The Most Popular Christmas Movie Goes To...

There is nothing quite like a Christmas movie, they have such a good feel to them, they are joyous, full of snow, laughter and  Santa. And it seems that there are a couple of Christmas movies that we really really really love (well according to a survey).

money.co.uk decided to analyse the average monthly searches for festive films around the world from October 2019 through to December 2019, and they created a list of the most popular Christmas movies in 18 different countries.

When it comes to searches online for Love Actually: Australia – 271,500 searches, New Zealand  – 44,400 searches, England  – 903,000 searches, Spain  – 271,500 searches and  Norway  – 148,500 searches

Elf scored in:  Scotland  – 98,400 searches, Wales – 51,360 searches, Ireland – 68,100 searches, Canada – 431,100 searches, India – 135,000 searches and Singapore – 18,600 searches

The Nightmare Before Christmas:  USA – 3,660,000 searches and Italy – 271,500 searches

Gremlins:  Brazil – 271,500 searches and France – 330,000 searches

Last Christmas: Germany  – 261,900 searches

Home Alone: UAE  – 19,800 searches

The Grinch (2000): South Africa  – 31,830 searches

Where's Die Hard? The most amazing Christmas movie of all time???

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