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A Chat With Author Tobias McCorkell

Tobias McCorkell spent the first 25 years of his life in Coburg. He has taught creative writing at the University of Melbourne and has authored works of non-fiction. In 2018 he appeared at the Melbourne Emerging Writer’s Festival. He is the recipient of a 2019 Varuna Residency Fellowship. Everything in its Right Place is his first novel.

 Everything in its Right Place is Tobias McCorkell's first novel.

Coburg, Melbourne. Ford McCullen is growing up with his mother Deidre and his Pop and Noonie in ‘The Compound’, a pair of units in the shadow of Pentridge prison. His father, Robert, has left them to live in the bush with his new male partner. Nobody is coping. When Ford’s paternal grandmother Queenie’s good fortune allows him to attend aprestigious Catholic private school on the other side of the river, Ford finds himselfbalancing separate identities. Crumbling under the weight of his family’s expectations and realising that he just mightbe the only adult amongst them, Ford embarks on a questfor meaning while navigating the uncomfortable realities of his father’s life, his mother’s ongoing crisis, and the pillars of football and religion, delving ever deeper into a fraught search for the source of the‘McCullen curse’. Everything in its RightPlace tackles themes of class, love and sexuality with humour, truth and grit. It is a story of the legacies and dilemmas that families bring, of how we all must find our own way, astonishingly told.

Tobias joined PT on the 3BA Bigshow to chat about "Everying In It's Right Place".