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Shoot The Breeze With Alex Tselios

Alex Tselios

This morning, I picked up the dog & bone and called Alex Tselios  so we could "Shoot The Breeze".

Today's topics were quite interesting like:  

- Why Russia wants to be the first country to shoot a movie in space.
Now I'd watch this movie any day!

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- Why you should never use boiling water to make a cup of tea according to experts.
No matter what the experts say, I will keep boiling the water to make what I consider to be the perfect cuppa every time. 


- And Artificial intelligence has been created that can scan a persons face and determine if they are trustworthy or not - and experts are incredibly concerned about its flaws.
I'd be happy if it just folded my laundry.

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Have a listen here:

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Photo supplied by Alex Tselios.