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Hop Temple Needs Your Help Ballarat

Hop Temple lane 2 resized

I love Hop lane with the umbrellas above my head, I love looking at them, I love taking photos of them (like my picture above), I think they're awesome, but sadly, they haven't been around for a while and Hop Temple needs your help to get them back up there!

The costs at maintaining them is staggering ($1200 for a full update to be exact), and did you know they usually get replaced 1 to 2 months depending, and with the weather getting a bit rough during Winter, destroying some, and Covid taking business away, it's hard for Hop Temple to keep up with the upkeep of the umbrellas, so the remainder were brought down, leaving the lane bare above our heads.

So I picked up the phone and called Brian (from Hop Temple) to discuss how Ballarat can help with the costs to bring back the iconic umbrellas!

Every dollar will help so if you can spare some, this is their GoFundMe page link.

And you can also click on their Facebook page for more details.