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Man Upset With Girlfriend Over The Way She Puts Away The Groceries

roberta errani cJha7sTBzvQ unsplash

You've done your grocery shopping, you lug it home, then it's time to carry it all into the house, then you usually take all the groceries out of the bags to put them away right? Well one person doesn't and it's driving her partner crazy!

One guy has gone to Reddit to vent his frustrations about the way his partner "unpacks" the groceries.

Basically she doesn't unpack anything, just leaves it in the bags and shoves the bags full of stuff into the pantry.

Thanks I hate girlfriend putting away groceries. from r/thanksihateit

Well over 2500 people have commented, some were pretty harsh, others even debated over as to whether it was actually the pantry or fridge in the picture:

  • You know what you need to do..... no one should be subjected to those barbaric practices
  • This made me chuckle. Man, talk about extreme laziness. I would not want to be this girl’s employer lol
  • My fridge has wire shelves that look sort of like that so I thought it was a fridge until I realised that stuff doesn't go in a fridge then I looked closer and realised the brackets holding up the shelves usually aren't in fridges
  • I've never seen a pantry that looked like this
  • Yeah my first thought was why is she putting the Doritos in a fridge
  • My husband used to do that until he forgot to ever open a box of Twinkies that sat in a bag long enough to go stale and then mouldy
  • How can a single picture make me so angry?
  • Honestly this would be a deal breaker for me, if you're that lazy our lifestyles are not compatible
  • This relationship is doomed. End it now. Make her promise to never have kids
  • Off the top of my head, I can think of 943 things that would be far worse
  • There's no other way, you have to throw the whole girlfriend away
  • Wait, you’re not supposed to do that?

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