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#hellospringballarat Has Been Created So You Get Out & Explore Ballarat

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Yesterday it was all about Spoonvilles, today it's about the giant frames around town.

Have you seen them?

You can't miss them!

They are bright, colourful, really big and there are 6 of them.

6 beautiful large photo frames placed around Ballarat.

PO Box Designs created them as part of a City of Ballarat initiative which is The Ballarat Frame Trail, and it's the perfect excuse for you and the family to get out, explore Ballarat and say hello to spring in Ballarat. 

When you find them, take lots of photos and when you post them, make sure you use the hashtag #HelloSpringBallarat

 Their locations are:

  1. Pink frame: Ballarat Botanical Gardens
  2. Orange frame: Lake Wendouree
  3. Purple frame: 400 block of Sturt Street
  4. Yellow frame: 300 block of Sturt Street
  5. Green frame: Alfred Deakin Place
  6. Blue frame: Bridge Mall

The frames are on show until Sunday 25 October.

Here's some of the photos that I took:

For more on them, click HERE