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3BA Is 90 Today

Happy Birthday to us! Yes, today (31/07/2020) is 3BA's 90th Birthday.

Well, I wasn't around when 3BA launched back in 1930, but some might say that it feels like i have, given I've been with 3BA for some 33 and half years now.

What an achievment for a regional radio station, that's still going strong today and remaining "live and local". Our community matters and always will.

In my 33 years and a bit years I've got to work some great people, funny people and plenty of characters and of course there were plenty of, shall I say, "fly by nighters". No names mentioned.

Let me roll out a few memorable names for you: (In no particular order)

Phil Weir - Glenn Driscoll and sidekick, Lionel from learmonth - Gary West - Mike Cooper - Mal Lewis - Randell Smith - Adrian Lee - The late great Geoff Nott - Tony Dean - Paul Cook - Brett MacDonald (Giving it a second at present) - Andrew Fry - Kathy Bedford - Vaughn Jones - Bob Turnball/Dave Collins (Engineers) - Paul Cook - Tony MacManus - Craig Moore.

The list is long and I had the opportunity to do some reminiscing with the last two names on the list, Tony Mac and Craig Moore on the Bigshow.

Happy Birthday 3BA from all who have worked you to the bone in the last 90 years.

Take a look at this blast from the past: Mal lewis being interviewed by children's TV show Kids Only, who visited Ballarat Radio Station 3BA for an insight into broadcasting. Mal thought speaking English was a very important part when thinking about getting into broadcasting....lol (The year? 1989)

Here's the commercial for when 3BA went stereo.

3BA TVC from 1985.