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Mum Breastfeeds While Driving On The M1 Motorway

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One Brisbane mum has ignited a debate over whether breastfeeding your baby, while driving a car, is actually a good idea.

Imagine, you're a mum, you're on a very busy freeway, your baby in the back starts crying because they are hungry, what should you do?

Pull over, even though this is a difficult task, due to traffic banking up, OR, grab the hungry baby and breastfeed little bubba, while still driving???

Well this mum decided that her baby had to be fed, so she did it while behind the wheel of her car, mind you, she was stuck in heavy traffic due to an accident up ahead, so they weren't moving very far or fast. 

Not sure who was filming or how she got her child from the back to the front.   

After posting the video onto Instagram with the caption 'What would you do?', many people said they would have done the same in the situation, others were a bit shocked claiming this move was very dangerous, that a moving vehicle is not the time or the place to breastfeed a child, it was even suggested that this mum should have prepared a bottle.

Kidsafe has a guide on how children should travel in cars, saying that: Infants are safest if they remain in their rear facing restraint as long as they still fit in their rear facing restraint. While the law allows children over 6 months to use either a rear facing restraint or a forward facing restraint, the rear facing restraint offers better protection as long as the child fits in it.

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay