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Victoria Declared As 'State Of Disaster' Along With NSW

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Today, we're going to reach 35 degrees and the Fire Danger will be very high, which means we are on high alert when it comes to fires around the Ballarat region today.

Everyone is on the edge.

But spare a thought for those going through these fires right now.

I rang my friend Gen (who lives in Tura Beach- Merimbula) yesterday. She said that a couple of days ago, everyone rushed to the supermarkets to get much needed supplies.

It felt like an apocalypse had just happened.

The sky was black, even though we had blue skies here in Ballarat at the same time.

People were flocking to petrol stations.

And even though they had started to evacuate the tourists first (as calmly as they could), everyone else is on standby ready to leave when the call comes.

Merimbula relies on tourists to survive.

What happens now to towns like this?

My favourite little town Mogo (on the outskirts of Batemans Bay) is gone.

Yes they saved the Mogo zoo, but the town is gone.

Friends in Batemans Bay were lucky that their house was saved, but the neighbours around them have lost their homes.

Cobargo (another favourite) has been razed by fires.

And it's not over.

Victorian premiere Daniel Andrews has declared a 'State of Disaster' across Victoria.

Just look at what's happening in Gippsland.

People stranded on a beach for New Years, waiting to be saved, trapped by fires. 

We need to make sure this never happens again.

People are gone.

Homes are gone.

Thousand and thousand of animals are gone.

We must figure out how to fix it.

You can visit emergency.vic.gov.au to figure out your fire plan and make sure everyone in the house knows what to do if a fire occurs.

For more on NSW/Vic fires, you can click HERE or HERE

Image by Julie Clarke from Pixabay