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These men have the tools to help build your mental resilience

Happiness Co

Matthew Bruce (PTSD Ambassadoor for Happiness Co)  and Nathan Cassidy (Un Mask Yourself Podcast) are in Ballarat tonight to speak to men about how to be more mentally resilient and improve their ability to cope with stress.

Matt Bruce is an Afghanistan veteran who has served with the SAS and born in Wangaratta. He will be holding some space for men to share about their troubles through being upfront and personal with his struggles around PTSD. 

He and another ambassador Nathan, are touring Victoria in  November to bring the "Man Enough" event. This is a national male suicide awareness event and is having great success.   These upcoming events will be Deniliquin, Yarrawonga, Wangaratta and Ballarat, with school visits included. To support men of all ages (+ women too) and to help break down some of the social stigmas around men's men