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Operation Alley Cat targets unlicenced & unregistered in Ballarat

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Police in the Ballarat region have launched Operation Alley Cat, which will see Automatic Number Plate Technology used to detect unregistered cars, as well as drivers who are unlicenced, suspended or disqualified.

Patrols began at 8am today (Wed 11 Sep).

Detectives will also join Highway Patrol officers to remove unauthorised road users.

A study of fatal crashes in 2016 found that 16 per cent were the fault of unauthorised drivers or cars.

It also found that one in five collisions involving an unregistered car also involved an unauthorised driver.

Det Sen Sgt Tim Argall from Ballarat CIU says the technology makes it easier to remove people who shouldn't be oin the roads.

Check out this video of the system in action. ANPR can take six photos a second...