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CSI investigator solves murders by looking at bugs

Paola Magni

Have you watched C.S.I and solved a crime? Garrath & Gabe spoke with a real life Forensic Scientist about solving murders by studying bugs.

About Paola Magni:
Dr. Magni is a forensic entomologist whose focus is on the application of natural sciences
(entomology, taphonomy and aquatic biology) to crime scene investigation. as well as experience
as a researcher and lecturer/instructor in forensic science.
In 2013, Paola developed a smartphone app called “Smartinsects – Forensic Entomology” which
was designed to help facilitate the work of law enforcement agencies and pathologists at crime
scenes the world over.

Paola has been an expert forensic witness in court for investigations on cases of homicide,
suspicious death, animal cruelty/wildlife, and food security.
As a scientist and forensic expert, Paola has also worked extensively with TV and the media,
including having an integral off-screen and on-screen role in the Italian version of the TV series
C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation (otherwise known in Italy as R.I.S. Delitti Imperfetti). In the series,
Paola has played the role of a forensic character and to this day, she continues to write and
develop stories for the show, as well as providing scientific competence and instructing actors on
how to work and act in the laboratory and at a crime scene in a realistic way.

In 2019, Paola was announced as the national winner of FameLab Australia (a competition for
science communicators) and she represented Australia at the International FameLab competition
in June, where she was crowned runner-up against scientists from 25 other countries.

Image: Supplied

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