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Ballarat veteran's Long Tan story retold in movie

bill william akell buninyong rsl battl of long tan pic bill akell titled

It's not everyday you get to see someone playing yourself in a movie.

Retired Major and long-time Buninyiong RSL member Bill Akell got the chance last month when 'Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan' premiered in Queensland.

The feature-length film hits Ballarat cinemas this week.  

We caught up with the veteran about what it was like to be part of a small team facing 2500 enemy soldiers - and what they did when the ammo ran out... 


Toby Blome (image NIDA) plays a 19-year-old Private Bill Akell 

toby blome plays bill akell in danger close aug 2019 image NIDA tled

Ballarat actor Aaron Glenane takes on the role of Captain Morrie Stanley, Central Victorian-born actor Travis Fimmel plays Major Harry Smith and Richard Roxburgh is Brigadier David Jackson.

Check out the trailer for 'Danger Close'... 

And here's a sneak peak behind the scenes..

This damaged photo shows Jack Kirby, Geoff Kendall and Bill Akell  (right).

bill akell long tan vietnam Aug 1966 damaged photo William Akell on right pic Bill Akell Untitled

If you want to see 'Danger Close' in Ballarat, here are the session times... 



danger close the battle of long tan balarat major bill akell stabding far right july 2019 pic IMDB eQXVyNzc5NTk2NjE. V1 SY1000 CR0015001000 AL

Cast and crew of Danger Close in July 2019 with Bill Akers (far right).


ballarat long tan vet bill akell with actor who played him toby blome jul 2019 pic Bill Akell IMG 3393

Bill with the actor who played him, Toby Bome 

ballarat long tan vet bill akell with wife carol jul 2019 pic bill akell G 3442

Bill and wife Carol on the red carpet in Queensland last month.

ballarat long tan vet bill akell with actor luke bracey jul 2019 pic bill akell ntitled

Bill with actor Luke Bracey 

Images: W Akell