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The Power of One... 30 years on

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It has now been three decades since the release of The Power of One, a book - and later a film - that make South African-born Aussie Bryce Courtenay a household name. 

It also turned an ad man into a novellist that readers just couldn't get enough of.

Almost every person in Australia would know his work - whether it be via his books, Louie the Fly or the kid-sized Yowie chocolates we see everyday at the supermarket.

Sadly Bryce died in 2012 and widow Christine is championing his legacy.

We started by asking Christine how they met...

Check out the 1992 trailer to The Power of One. It was one of Daniel Craig's first film roles... 

And here's a bit more on Bryce's 1957 contribution to Louise the Fly...  https://www.nfsa.gov.au/latest/louie-fly