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The image that marked a Ballarat photographic dynasty

ELECTRIC TRAM IN BALLARAT 1905 pic taken by lloyd harveys grandfather from NL Harvey Untitled

When electric trams first started on Ballarat roads, so did the Harvey family photographic business.

On Sunday June 2, NL Harvey photographers will formally move out of the 123 Sturt St premises they have occupied for more than 20 years - and bring to an end a family business that began in the CBD in 1901.

This photo of the city's first electric tram in 1905 - taken from a glass negative - is the earliest known image recorded by Lloyd Harvey's grandfather.

Lloyd's father later served as a photographer during WW2 and worked as a Ballarat 'stringer' for The Herald, The Sun and other newspapers.

We caught up with Lloyd and Lorraine Harvey to chat about the process of packing up 118 years of Ballarat media, social and dance history.

NL harvey photographers 123 sturt st may 2019 Untitled

first electric tram in ballarat 1905 Untitled