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Rain, hail or shine in Ballarat... turn your headlights on today

Ballarart west police station winter valley

As of this morning (Friday) the State Road toll stands at 116.

That's compared to 78 at this time last year.

It should be zero.

Sadly of those 116, 14 have been in the Ballarat/Bendigo region - including the deaths of a 19-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman from China on Sunday at Carranballac, between Lake Bolac and Skipton.

We caught up with Ballarat West Sergeant Kori Fraser, who says police are putting a special focus on road safety, headlights and seat belts.

Police will also be out in force during tomrorow's 1.45pm  Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions game at Mars Stadium.

Here's a snippet of what's been happening over the last few years for the Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign in Melbourne...