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Ballarat emergency nurse seeks treatment for her MS in Russia

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Kathryn Mills is a 40-year-old Ballarat mum who's in the business of saving lives.

But now the emergency nurse is seeking a bit of help herself to make a potentially life-changing trip to Moscow to treat the Multiple Sclerosis that her haunted her for half her life.

Ballarat locals are continuing to open their heart to Kathryn, as she seeks to raise around $70,000 to cover travel, treatment and the cost of time off work recovering.

To help Kathryn get to Moscow, click on this link ... https://www.gofundme.com/f/small-steps-new-beginnings

The trip comes just three months after fellow Ballarat woman Kyllie Garrett went to Russia to seek help.

Here's a short video on how MS affects the body ...