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Ballarat Actress in Murder Mystery

Sarah Action Shot

Ballarat Actor, Sarah Spaven, will be on the small screen this week when she co-stars in the national drama, Ms Fishers Modern Murder Mystery's.

She dropped by the 3BA studios to talk about her role and her life here in Ballarat.

Sarah S Headshot

Image courtesy Marnya Rothe

The Episode Airs at 8:30pm Thursday March 7th on Channel 7

Sarah's Character on Ms Fishers Modern Murder Mystery's.


Presumed dead.  Tanya looks like your ordinary future housewife, but she secretly wants a lot more.  While both her folks and her boyfriend Tommy foresee a future wedding, Tanya’s trying to stall.  A total space nut, she’s addicted to shows like Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone and she truly believes ‘there’s something out there’.   And while everyone else fears the ‘other’, Tanya’s ready to embrace it.  It’s part naivety, part natural intelligence, both of which make her a perfect target for unethical Scientists.  Having quit school at fifteen, her options for a career are limited. So when she’s offered a chance to be part of an experiment at the facility, Tanya believes her dream is just beginning.  Kind, unaffected and willing to put herself out there, she’s a brave young woman who’s swallowed up by forces more powerful.

Sarah Garrath