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More changes to Ballarat CBD parking fees...

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It's been revealed this morning that proposed parking meter fees for the Ballarat CBD will be cheaper than first thought.

Yesterday's media briefing was told that people parking in the blue zone (above) will pay $8 an hour if they park for 3 to 6 hours. That has now been revised down to $4.50.

And instead of paying $12 an hour for those parking more than 6 hours, it will now be $6 an hour.

Callers have also raised concerns about parking time-limits at funerals, medical appointments and around the hospital precinct;  the cost of parking for low-paid workers - and the impact of CBD workers not being able to pick up supermarket shopping if they have parked a long way from the shops or have caught public transport.

We caught up with Infrastraucture and Environment Director Terry Demeo

The City has also clarified that a driver parking for 2-and-a-half hours will be charged $4 (rather than $6), as the first 30 minutes will remain free of charge.