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Locals say at least 3 Wedge Tailed Eagles killed since Sept

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When the Yaloak South windfarm began operating south of Ballan in 2018, locals were unsure if - and how many - birds might be killed.

The 14-turbine operation sits on a plateau above a huge valley  - making it an ideal place for Wedge Tailed Eagles to  gain height on warm-air 'thermals'.  

Gloenmore man Kevin Ramholdt believes it has been one of the best places in Victoria to see the eagles, but he also has compelling evidence that at least three have been found dead under turbines since the weekly counting of bird strikes began in September.

He is concerned the windfarm operators want to change the planning permit via VCAT to allow weekly bird counts to become monthly - and he says DEWLP are currently conducting trials to see just how long it takes a dead eagle to decompose or be eaten by animals.

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If wondering where Yaloak South, Cut Hill and Glenmore are, here's a 360-degree photo of the area

wedged tailed eagle

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