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Timber, mineshafts... and 75,000 tonnes of concrete

gov hub govhub plan 2018

As of 4.30am today, building on Ballarat's $100 million GovHub has officially begun.

The 5-storey office building - which will be the largest timber-framed structure in regional Australia - is due to be completed 22 months from now.

Wendouree-based company Nicholson Construction is working with Kane on the Mair St building.

Director Richard Nicholson says it's their biggest and most challenging project to date.

The finished product will reach the upper height limit for Ballarat, while its two decks of underground parking are expected to reach a depth lower than the existing water table.

And in Ballarat, there is always the risk of finding a long-forgotten mineshaft...

govhub ballarat artists impression 2018 n

Here's a video released just after the final designs were made public ..

govhub ballarat artists impression 201892 n

govhubballarat artsists impression 2018 n