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My home is my castle... literally


It's not every day a Norman-style castle is up for sale in western Victoria - complete with 12m turrets and a drawbridge.

This Tarnagulla icon also features a hall with medieval style lighting, a huge fireplace and Celtic crosses in the brickwork.

For the princely sum of around $410,000, this royal residence could be yours.

And your kingdom?

Well, estate agent James Nevins tells us it comes with 10 acres (4ha).

There are also plenty of mod cons, plus a garage for the 'horseless-carriage'.

We asked James how this castle came to be on the Victorian goldfields...

Tarnagulla jan 2019 NORMAN CASTLE AGAIN

Tarnagulla jan 2019 CASTLE FLOOR PLAN

Tarnagulla jan 2019 CASTLE BEDROOM

Tarnagulla jan 2019 CASTLE BALCONY

Tarnagulla jan 2019 CASTLE KITCHEN\

Tarnagulla jan 2019 NORMAN CASTLE SIDE