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Resilience Project in Ballarat TONIGHT

hugh van cuylenberg The Resilience Project 2017

A movement inspired by a homeless boy in northern India who happiness in the middle of grinding poverty is coming to the Marys Mount Centre at Loreto College from 7pm tonight (Mon 10 Sept 2018).

Hugh Van Cuylenberg (pictured) wanted to tap into what made the world's poorest people happy and resilient, while people in Western countries like Australia were facing increasing levels of depression.

One of the keys was gratitude.

Tonight former AFL footballer Martin Heppel will talk to parents about ways they can help keep their children mentally healthy - and practice being grateful for the small things around them.

We caught up with one of the organisers Julie Cooper from St Colombas School in Ballarat North.

The night is $10 a head and is open to the public.

To book, follow the links ... https://www.facebook.com/events/243748043007001/

We caught up with Hugh on Ballarat Today in 2017.  Here's part of his story ... 

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