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Could We Run The Govt Like The Richmond Footy Club?

Football Solution

 Should we run the Government like the Richmond Football Club? Here is how we can..

Richmond’s 2017 premiership shows Australia how it should be run. What? It sounds like a joke. But In The Football Solution(30 July) leading political journalist George Megalogenis mounts a serious case for the great game and his beloved side the Richmond Tigers.  By following the lead of Victoria’s 2017 premiership team Australia could lead the way as a nation.

Richmond was the tragic character in a soap opera, destined for perpetual heartbreak… The 2017 premiership changed that plotline in a delightful, unexpected way. It went beyond sport, speaking to the very meaning of national life… Richmond didn’t just win, it rewrote the rules.’

Megalogenis explores how Richmond transformed itself from laughing stock to premiership role model – and what lessons politics can take from that turn-around. 

He also gets personal about how a game of kick-to-kick helped him rediscover the lost art of making friends while his tormentors found another wog to pick on. 

Plus, Megalogenis highlights all the ways Richmond are leading the way – with a female CEO, a unifed and collaborative team and a truly diverse side. 

Broad in its remit and focused in its analysis, The Football Solutionasks what our attachment to the game tells us about ourselves as people, and what the Richmondpremiership can teach politics about leadership.