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The Great, Global Epidemic of Loneliness


 Feeling Lonely? Pardon the pun... but you're not alone! Garrath Spoke with Janet Culpit on ways to become better connected

Some commentators have called it one of the great global epidemics of our time - loneliness.
A lack of connection with others and the experience of social isolation is a heavy burden on individuals and our communities.
Globally, we understand the serious issue of social isolation. Being distanced from others can lead to a range of mental health impacts - including severe loneliness, low self-esteem, poor mental health and depression.
What we know less about, is how to improve it.
Janet Culpitt say's she wants to encourage all of us  to prioritise our relationships and take the time to connect with others.
Janet is a Master Networker and Connections Expert and has helped people become better networkers in their everyday lives. She spoke with Garrath on Ballarat Today.

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