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Aussie's Favourite Cadbury Chocolate Is About To Be Relaunched


Caramilk is making a comeback. Again.

That's right, Cadbury has announced that Caramilk is coming back to our supermarkets and bellies soon.

And Australia is excited!


This will like the third time Cadbury has brought back Caramilk.

You used to be able to buy it all the time until 1994, then it disappeared.

Then returned in 2018 but it sold out in minutes and many had to go to eBay to buy stocks.

Then September last year, we were graced with its presence again but many complained that it didn’t taste like the last version.

Now after this recent announcement, it seems some people are excited, others want it now,  and some wish it would to stay for good: 

Caramilk 3

Caramilk 4

 Caramilk 1

Caramilk 2

Caramilk 5

No date has been set as to when we can get our hands on this deliciousness but I am sure it won't be long!


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