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Victoria's Current Restriction Levels: What You Need To Know

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So it seems that Victoria is going backwards with flattening the Coronavirus curve and that's why our Premier has extended the State of Emergency until 11.59pm July 19.

The coronavirus is spreading faster than ever before as the World Health Organisation reported the largest single-day increase in cases, with more than 183,000 new cases reported in the latest 24 hours globally.

There are now over 2.3 million known coronavirus cases over  in the United States, where nearly 120,000 have died.

Our state of  Victoria confirmed another 19 cases yesterday (Sunday June 21) making a total of 160 new cases in the past week, up from 35 the previous week.

So that's why our Prenier Daniel Andrews decided to change our restrictions.

Our restrictions will now be:

    • From 22 June the number of visitors that you can have to your home has reduced to five visitors
    • Outdoor gatherings have reduced to a maximum group of ten people
    • Restaurants, pubs, auction halls, community halls, libraries, museums and places of worship remain at a maximum of 20 people in any one space until 12 July
    • Businesses including gyms, cinemas, theatres and TABs can open, with a maximum of 20 people per space
    • Play centres to reopen- maximum 20 people
    • Camping and use of shared facilities at caravan parks etc now allowed
    • All changes to restrictions and the proposed dates are subject to the advice of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer and the continued and effective management of the spread of COVID-19
    • The work from home rule will stay in place at least until the end of July

Remember to stay safe by washing your hands, keeping your distance from others, and staying home if you feel unwell.

If you do have to see people, keep your distance.

No handshakes and no hugs.

Maintain good hygiene.

Don’t share food or drinks

Daniel Andrews also promises a one-off payment to those who test positive to Covid-19.

If you have symptoms of Coronavirus you should get tested and take care wherever you go, assume others may be carrying the virus.

More info can be found HERE 

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