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18 Year Old Has Gone Blind Due To Poor Diet

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It would be terrifying to hear your teenager say that they were losing their vision, but sadly that's what one mum has heard her child say.

Kerry James, from Gloucester, England, is a mum of 5 and when one of her kids told her last October that he couldn't see out of his left eye, she took him to Specsavers.

The opticians there told them to go straight to hospital and that's where she learnt that her son Harvey Dyer (18 years old) is losing his sight due to a poor diet.

Doctors discovered that all of his vitamin and mineral levels were dangerously low and it was due to a lack of nutrition in his diet.

Harvey has only consumed chips, Quavers, Wotsits (apparently these like Cheetos and Cheezels) and Dairy Milk since he was two years old.

Harvey, who also has ADHD and autism, has become very depressed with the diagnoses and his mother Kerry says that they have tried to make him eat other foods but he can’t physically eat anything else, he won't even take medicine.

They have been so desperate to get him to eat better that they have had a paediatric team sit with them at meal times, he has asked to be hypnotised into eating better and they have spend time at eating disorder clinics to try and fix the problem.

Sadly now it's too late as Harvey is starting to lose the vision in his right eye. 

The condition he has been diagnosed with is called Nutritional Optic Neuropathy which is commonly found in people with a folic acid and vitamin B deficiency associated with poor dietary habits or in chronic alcoholics.

It can be treated if detected early, if not,  it can lead to optic nerve atrophy which is damage to the cluster of nerves that carry visual information to the brain.

For more on the condition, and to learn about another teenager, Jake, has also suffered a simular fate, you can read about it HERE

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