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Normaly when it comes to weddings, you may encounter a Bridezilla, but have you ever heard of a RSVPzilla? Well one bride has.

A bride-to-be has shared on social media a photo of an RSVP to her wedding, where the invited guest decided to invite every other man and his dog.

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The guest wrote their name and a plus-one's name then this person wrote a heap of other names as well.

So now we have, 14 adults, 4 kids, and “plus two more adults.”

And we won't stop being greedy, no, we'll request not 1 but 2 songs to dance to!


Many were shocked over this request, some saying:

  • “I would circle ‘decline’ and send it back”
  • "This is only acceptable if they all show up in one Mini Cooper and chase each other around the reception hall with whipped cream pies and water squirting flowers"
  • “I bet it was parents/in laws who were trying to squeeze their guests in”
  • “Is this a joke that backfired …? How did they come up with 21 more people? I hope you uninvited them all completely”
  • "This sounds like the beginning of a ridiculous comedy- the drama that will unfold when you don’t want an additional twenty guests at your wedding that someone felt entitled to bring"
  • "I want to know what happened next" (me too BaffledMum, me too)

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Photo thanks to Pexels