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Father Smashed Daughter's Phone Due To Her Lying Over Chocolate

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One father has ended up in hot water after an argument with his daughter.

The 41 year old dad (from NSW) has fronted court after he smahed his 13 year old daughter's mobile phone due to a fight over chocolate.

Seems someone ate his chocolate, which left him devastated.

After asking his daughter who ate it, she replied she did.

But then the father found the wrappers in his son's room, so he demanded her mobile in punishment for lying, and when she said "no", he allegedly lost it. 

Police alleged that the Father:

  • Dragged her into her room
  • She escaped out the window
  • He followed
  • Got a hold of her and once again, tried to drag her back
  • He also threw a small ladder out of the way, which smashed a light globe, this in turn allegedly cut her ankle and foot

He was arrested and has fronted court on assault and criminal damage charges.

He did plead guilty to smashing her phone, but has denied ever assaulting her, stating that he only held her by the shoulders, and that was it.

He also said that he was just 'being a dad' and had taken her phone away as punishment. 

The judge ended up dismissing the assault charges, he also recorded no conviction (for destroying the teenager's phone), and said that this whole matter a 'waste of time'. 

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Image by yorkali from Pixabay