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Kmart's "New" Rule Has Left Many Parents Shocked

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There is nothing worse then when your child runs off and hides in a department store, but how would you feel if that store can't help you find your child?

Well for one mum, that was the experience her family had when they were told of the so-called "new" rule brought into Kmart.

This mum took to the Northern Beaches Mums page on Facebook to talk about it.

Seems her parents took her son shopping, next thing, he decided to hide.

The grandparents couldn't find him after 15 minutes of searching, so they went up to a staff member and asked for them to call his name out over the speaker.

They were then told that the announcement couldn't be made due to a child protection issue.

Hearing about this new rule left many freaked out the Facebook page.

One member of the group responded by saying that, quote, "The new rule stems from child protection policies, and that new missing children procedures have been introduced." 

Another wrote, quote, "I work in a retail store and when we have a missing child, we call all available staff to the front and let them know the situation and then go looking for the child."

Thankfully Kmart has come out and said that, quote, "Kmart does not have a policy restricting the use of PA announcements in store.  We will be re-educating all store team members this morning."

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Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay