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Tesla Owner Implants Car Key Into Her Arm

I know it's annoying when you can't find your car keys, but I don't know if I want them this close to me all the time either.

Under my skin.

But that's what one person has done.

She had them implanted into her body. 

Amie DD, who is a software engineer and YouTuber, had the RFID chip (that comes from inside the key card that Tesla uses instead of a regular key) inserted under her skin.

Apparently she had to dissolve the card in acetone first to get to the chip, then it was placed into a biopolymer, then it became part of her body.

There is a video of the process. (PLEASE NOTE THERE IS BLOOD)

So now, all she needs to do is be close to her car for it to work.

Sadly, there is no footage of opening her car door yet as her arm is still swollen after the procedure.

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