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In-ground Crossing Lights Can Save Phone Zombies

Well this is one way to stop people walking out in front of traffic while they are busy on their phones.

Flashing pavement lights.

And you can thank Melbourne for this.

The bright LED ground lights have 8 big squares that either turn green or red and tells the "phone-zombies" (mmm didn't know that was their nick-name) when it's safe to cross the road.

I love the fact that the crossings still have above-ground walk/don't walk signals (for us not on our phones).

Right now, you'll find the bright square tiles in action on the corner of Swanson Street and Little Collins Street in Melbourne's CBD.

But get this, Sydney had installed the in-ground lights back in 2017, it was part of a trial but sadly, not much came out of it.

Now according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development, they claim that 176 pedestrians have died in Australia within the last year, with road safety experts saying that looking down at your phone while you are walking is a form of inattentive blindness.

We need these in Ballarat!

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