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50 Years Since The First Moon Landing

The day has arrived!

Today we celebrate the  50th anniversary of the first moon landing; Apollo 11.

Commander Neil Armstrong  and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969 (July 21 12:56pm AEST).

Armstrong and Aldrin spent over 21 hours on the lunar surface at Tranquility Base and collected around 21.5 kg of lunar material to bring back to Earth.

And don’t forget on that cold, squally day in central west NSW, the Parkes Radio Telescope played an integral role in getting the television pictures of man first walking on the moon to the world.

To cover the landing, NASA was set to use a telescope at Goldstone in California as the main receiver, with Parkes and Honeysuckle Creek near Canberra set to be backups, as it turned out … they were needed and were an integral part of televising the event!