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Have You Get Your Ticket In Tonight's 80 Million Powerball

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What would you do if you won 80 million dollars? Buy an island? Splurge on your pet? Start your own business? Donate to charities everywhere? Or turn into Scrooge McDuck?

Well if you win Powerball tonight, you can do whatever you want with your 80 mill!

First you have to join thousands of Aussies in-line or on-line hoping to score that winning ticket, then you have to wait until those numbers are chosen.

Lottery officials say that at least one in three Australian adults will buy a ticket for tonight's Powerball.

It’s the second-highest jackpot in the game’s 23-year history.

There's even a video to help you win, apparently!

Now remember back in January when a Sydney woman won Australia's biggest-ever individual lottery prize?

She won $107 million in Powerball, I'M SO JEALOUS!

But 80 mill is nothing to sneeze at that's for sure!


You have until 7.30 tonight to get your tickets for draw 1208.

And you can purchase them either via any licensed lottery outlet, online to The Lott or via TheLott mobile app.

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Image by Allange from Pixabay