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Good News For Pasta Lovers…


Carbs are good for you again!!

Experts are saying that it’s fine to eat Carbs, but it is important as to when and how much you have.

Bread, pasta, rice, cereals and other tasty carbs aren’t necessarily going to make you put on weight and provide great fuel for the muscles and the brain.

Also when we eat carbs, insulin is secreted by the pancreas, and glucose is used as energy.

However, the trick is not to overconsume, especially sweet treats like cakes and biscuits.

How many carbs to have???

Anyone who trains for over an hour every day will need at 100-150g of carbs daily, unless they are eating keto. And the best time to eat these carbs is around the time that you train; ie an extra piece of fruit before you train or some toast or fruit after you train.

So carbs are good for us, but we just have to be careful not to eat too much of them at the wrong time. A huge bowl of pasta at night is not a great idea, but adding a cup or half-cup of cooked pasta, sweet potato or quinoa to your may be enough to help your body burn more fat.