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Handshakes May Soon Be Banned In The Workplace

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Well it was only a matter of time that this was going to be the next subject talked about to be banned in work places.

And that's "shaking hands".

That's right, handshakes could be banned under new workplace rules to avoid a sexual harassment claim.

Kate Palmer, who is an associate director of advisory at human resources consultancy over in Peninsula, has come out and said that the #MeToo movement has forced many employers to think about bringing in more “black and white” policies, with some thinking about banning all forms of physical contact, including shaking hands, to avoid confusion about what kind of touch is appropriate.

Ms Palmer believes that employers might end up saying ‘no contact at all’ because it's hard to know what might fall into the "grey area" these days.

It seems that in a recent survey, three out of four people stated that they want a complete ban on physical contact in the workplace.

Even putting a hand on someone’s back or hugging them, even when they're upset, could be deemed as “too personal” to some, and employers now need to make it clear what their policies are.

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