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Hubby Eats Wife’s Chocolates, Tries To Cover It, Badly!

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There is nothing worse then hanging out for something "special" to eat, only to find, somebody else bet you to it and then tried to cover it up!

But one husband could soon find himself in the doghouse, after he ate his wife's chocolates and replaced them with, wait for it... brown sauce.

Self-proclaimed ‘award losing stand up comedian’ Joe Heenan found his wife’s box of chocolates, and instead of munching on one or two, he polished them all off.

Maybe then he thought, "Oh I might get in trouble for this", so he didn't go out and buy a new box, he decided to fill each empty spot with brown sauce.

And you would think he would hide this right?

No, he took to Twitter to tell the whole world.

Pretty sure his wife will figure it out as soon as she goes to grab the first chocolate from the box, and because brown sauce isn’t solid, it will be pretty messy!


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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay