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Aussie School Bans Party Invitations

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One school in Sydney has decided to ban students from handing out party invitations due to others being left out.

The school is Mosman Public School, and they only decided to stop invitations being handed out at the school, to avoid other kids feelings being hurt because they were not included on the party invite list.

Parents have been told to send the invitations electronically, also kids have been told that they are NOT to discuss the parties in class, so other children, who are not invited, wouldn’t find out.

This all came about due to one child becoming upset when they were not invited to another child’s party.

Some parents are happy with this ban, others are not:

  • One woman wrote on social media, quote, “How bloody ridiculous. Missing out is part of life, and we need to teach these kids how to cope and deal with real life situations.”
  • Another women was worried about the fact that the ban was “creating a generation of sooks”.
  • And one more said, “So kids aren’t allowed to miss out now? Well, aren’t they in for a rude shock when they grow up.”

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Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay