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They Split In 1982, And Now ABBA Is Back!

MAMMA MIA, it has finally happened, ABBA (after all these years) has confirmed that they will be releasing BRAND NEW MUSIC!

ABBA got our hopes up last year in April when they announced that they were going on a virtual tour, which was going to feature a four members as holograms called 'Abbatars' that depicted them as they appeared in the 70s.

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Plus the news of not one but two new songs to be released, but then we had to wait, and wait, and wait, until now as Bjorn Ulvaeus has confirmed at least one of the songs will be released in 'September or October'.

One will be called 'I Still Have Faith In You' and the other 'Don't Shut Me Down'.

Bjorn said in an interview, quote, "I am very proud of both songs. One is like a pop song from the 70s. The other one is kind of timeless."

Just like their outfits!


They have even joined Twitter!

I can't believe they broke up in 1982!

Now take a look at these ABBATARS!

Personally I am super stoked because I love ABBA and I am ready to hear the drums Fernando!

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