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Child Uses Mum’s Credit Card For Big Purchase

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One Sydeny mum was in for a shock after an email from eBay said she had made of purchase of $20,000, when in fact she didn't!

It was her son.

Seems he wanted the $10,000 Coles Stikeez tiny toy known as “Billy Bananas”, and he stopped at nothing to get this rare item, even after his mum said no.

At the time, mum, Donna Jacob, thought it was only going to cost $10,000, which was too expensive for them to afford, but after her 7 year old hopped on to their computer and found one for $20,000 (and since her credit card details were saved in the computer), he went and purchased it anyway.  

The only way she discovered that this had happened was a confirmation email that came from eBay.


Sadly though, Donna contacted the seller and told them what had happened and asked for her money back, she was ignored.

She even tried PayPal, who described the situation as “friendly fraud”.

The issue was only sorted after it was reported on Adelaide’s Today Tonight program, eBay finally agreed to refund the money.

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Image by 192635 from Pixabay