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From Eating Sushi To Eating Insects

Can you imagine insects on a menu in Ballarat? It could soon be a thing.
According to a study, if you eat sushi regularly , you are more likely to eat crunchy critters in the future.


This study was conducted by Victoria’s La Trobe University and the University of Pennsylvania and they discovered people who chewed on sushi all the time are more likely willing to try eating insects in the future. 

The research involved people from two countries: one group from the USA and the other lot were from India.

In both countries, the frequency of sushi consumption (which apparently a lot of people were like "ewwww gross" in the beginning) but now many enjoy, was a significant and substantial predictor of accepting eating insects.

Dr Matthew Ruby, from La Trobe University, says that lovers of sushi, would be more accepting of eating insects in the future, but, quote, “just like eating sushi, eating insects will take some getting used to. It appears the more open you are to ‘exotic’ foods, the more willing you’ll be to taste-test a grasshopper, or an ant, or even a spider.”

Highlights from the study:

• Americans (82%) were more willing to try eating insects than were Indians (48%).
• Benefits: Agreement was highest that rearing insects has low space requirements.
• Risks: Agreement was highest that eating insects may cause allergic reactions.
• USA: Willingness to eat insects was best predicted by Disgust and Benefit beliefs.
• Consumption of sushi is a good predictor of insect acceptance.

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