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Best Job In The World Needs You

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We all want the perfect dream job right? Some are lucky to find it, others are still looking.

But stop looking because here it is!

It's been called the "World’s Best Job” and you don’t need any experience to apply, and what's even better, you can be really bad at the job.

How's that you ask?

Well Tenson, a Swedish clothing company, wants two “mediocre” skiers to test out the durability of its products.

So that means you, and a friend, get to go to Sweden and work at Idre fjäll, and ski ski ski to your hearts content, while conducting the tests. 

You'll have all your expenses paid, and you need to be good at falling over while skiing. 

If you are successful in the role, you'll score €25 per hour ($AU40), and you also get return flights to Sweden from where ever you live, Tenson ski gear to keep, accommodation, food and drink, lift passes and ski lessons.

And the best thing, there’s no catch except for the fact that the job might not last long because the offer only includes a four-day lift pass, with the possibility of an extension.

8000 applications from 40 countries have already applied but that doesn't mean that you will miss out, just apply for the job HERE but you only have until February 11 to do so. 

For more details, click HERE 

Photo thanks to PIXABAY